1. Are all Inka Crops products allergen free?

    No, some of our products contain milk and dairy products (including lactose). You can find more information in the following questions.

  2. How can I identify if Inka Crops products have milk and dairy derivatives (including lactose) in their composition?

    Our "Parmesan cheese and caramelized onion" flavored products carry milk and dairy ingredients (lactose). The components are listed in the ingredients section on the packaging. It specifies on the packaging that the product "Contains milk and dairy products (including lactose)". Our ingredients may change over time, so we recommend that you always read the ingredients list and other statements listed on the packaging each time you purchase our product.

  3. Do Inka Crops products contain gluten?

    They do not contain gluten. At Inka Crops we are aware of the importance of avoiding gluten consumption for people with a certain sensitivity to it. According to the World Health Organization, gluten-free products may be considered this way when they have levels below 20ppm (parts per million) of gluten in their composition. Our products meet this requirement and we are able to ensure levels under 5ppm.

  4. How can I identify if Inka Crops products are gluten free?

    Our products are gluten-free, which we guarantee through our Gluten-Free certification. The Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO) that grants the certification evaluates each product including its ingredients and inspects the Inka Crops facilities annually in order to verify that our processes keep the product gluten-free. To identify certified products, you can look for the "GF" logo on the packaging.

  5. Do Inka Crops products contain tree nuts?

    No, our products do not contain tree nuts and our facilities are tree nut free. None of our products or ingredients contain them.

  6. How do you avoid allergen cross-contact?

    Inka Crops has a strict allergen cross-contact prevention program that considers the following: separate identification and storage of allergen inputs, separate production lines for allergen products and regular products, intensive cleaning and disinfection after each production cycle, repeated employee training to ensure awareness, and verification and validation of processes.


  1. Are your products free of trans fat?

    Yes, we do. We don't use trans fat to make our products.


  1. Are Inka Crops products vegetarian?

    Yes, our products do not contain any animal derived ingredients, with the exception of those that carry our parmesan cheese flavoring.

  2. Does Inka Crops have Kosher certified products?

    Yes, our products are Kosher certified and can be identified by the "U" logo on our packaging.

  3. How does Inka Crops work to ensure the quality and safety of its products?

    At Inka Crops we have a food safety and quality management system based on the international standard BRC Food (British Retail Consortium). It involves the application of the HACCP system, with which we seek to prevent contamination of products and ensure to maintain this throughout the processes. We also work under the most up to date guidelines of the American Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), which is focused on maintaining Food Safety.

  4. Do Inka Crops products contain GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)?

    No, our products are not genetically modified. Most of our products carry the NON-GMO label and certification through which we guarantee that these products do not contain genetically modified organisms. To identify them you can look for the NON-GMO logo on the packaging of our products.